Communications in a Crisis

Massage EnvyThe biggest recent story with local ties is the sexual assault claims against Scottsdale-based Massage Envy. To date, 180 women have come forward alleging sexual assault at the hands of Massage Envy staff at franchises across the county. BuzzFeed broke the story over the weekend.
Thus far, Massage Envy put out this statement:
“Each of these incidents is heartbreaking for us and for the franchisees that operate Massage Envy locations, and we will never stop looking for ways to help our franchisees provide a safe environment at Massage Envy franchise locations,” according to the statement. “The (BuzzFeed) article references 180 reported incidents. These occurred over a span of 15 plus years and 125 million massages. But, we believe that even ONE incident is too many, so we are constantly listening, learning, and evaluating how we can continue to strengthen our policies with respect to handling of these issues.”​
This week, the Phoenix Business Journal reached out to public relations practitioners across the Valley, asking what strategic counsel and next steps we would recommend to the brand.
Our own Abbie S. Fink was among those who provided expert insight for this story, available here on the Phoenix Business Journal website.
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at Nov 29, 2017

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