Collaboration, Best Practices Are Benefits of the PRGN Network

Long before email and text messaging, when fax machines and Fed-X packages were the quickest way to get information to someone, members of the Public Relations Global Network (then called the Phoenix Network) were working together, collaborating on new business, sharing clients and supporting each other through best practices in marketing communications.

And this week, nearly 70 people, representing 30 or so of the Network’s 55 agencies are coming to Arizona to celebrate the network’s 30th anniversary and do what we do best – -collaborate, share and support (and a little socializing, too).

HMA Public Relations is proud to be one of the founding members of the network and thrilled to serve as hosts as we return to in-person meetings after the two-year COVID-19 hiatus, back here where it all began.

I shared a little history of the network with Adrian on this week’s podcast.  And if you have public relations needs anywhere in the world, give us a call, we can connect you with the best in business,

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at May 11, 2022

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