The Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health Consultation Department Presents Granite Construction with C-VPP Designation

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(TUCSON –March 28, 2016) – Last month, the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) Consultation Department recognized Granite Construction as a “STAR Site” through the state’s Construction Voluntary Protection Program “C-VPP.”  Companies and jobsites that are awarded the “STAR” designation demonstrate exemplary and comprehensive safety and health management systems.

ADOSH held a C-VPP recertification ceremony, where Granite Construction was given the “STAR” designation and was presented with a C-VPP plaque and flag. During the ceremony, Jessie Atencio, assistant director and consultation and training program manager for ADOSH spoke on the significance of a C-VPP achievement and its importance to the State of Arizona.

C-VPP is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) highest program of recognition across the United States. It recognizes employers and workers in private and federal workplaces who have exemplified effective safety and health management systems to achieve injury and illness rates that are more than 50 percent below the national average.

To qualify for C-VPP status, employers must submit an application to OSHA and undergo an onsite evaluation by a team of safety and health professionals. Participants and sites earning the “STAR Site” designation are re-evaluated every three to five years in order to remain in the program. C-VPP participants are exempt from OSHA programmed inspections while they maintain their VPP status.


Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) operates under an approved plan with the U.S. Department of Labor to retain jurisdiction over occupational safety and health issues within Arizona, excluding mining operations, Indian Reservations, and federal employees. This jurisdiction encompasses approximately 2.1 million employees and 130,000 public and private establishments. For more information on ADOSH, Consultation Partnership Programs and the Industrial Commission of Arizona, please visit or call (602) 542-5795.

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