Subway Kids & Sports Rides Into Yavapai Elementary School To Surprise Four Lucky Students

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Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona, in partnership with Subway Restaurants of Arizona, Dasani Water, Shamrock Farms and The Be Kind People Project, rode into Yavapai Elementary School in Scottsdale this October to recognize four special students as part of its Cycle for Success program. Through a teacher-led nomination process, wherein educators are asked to submit nominations highlighting students’ good works both inside and outside of the classroom, two second graders and two third graders were chosen to be surprised with bikes, helmets and locks, as well as Subway lunches for their entire classes.

“My student has a very kind spirit,” said Ms. Maxwell, third grade teacher. “During library, if someone wants a book he’s checking out, he’ll let them have it. No questions asked.”

This month’s Cycle for Success program was coordinated to coincide with Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona’s annual Golf Tournament and Charity Auction, and the entire second and third grades of Yavapai Elementary School were invited to watch the presentation and enjoy a catered Subway lunch.

“My student is an absolute treasure,” said Ms. Politis, second grade teacher. “If you could put her energy in a bottle, you’d have a best seller for sure.”

The Cycle for Success program has been operating for more than a decade and focuses on increasing children’s self-esteem, encouraging the community to become involved in the lives of at-risk children and promoting random acts of kindness in local schools. Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona and The Be Kind People Project advocate for the health and safety of children, recognize random acts of kindness that may otherwise go unnoticed, and encourage community involvement in the lives of at-risk youth.

“Each and every day, my student goes above and beyond meeting behavioral and academic expectations,” said Ms. Acton, third grade teacher.

“My student is someone who loves school and wants others to love it as much as she does,” said Ms. Brown, third grade teacher. “Her love for school is contagious, and she goes above and beyond in school and always takes her work the extra mile.”

Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona’s mission is to provide sports equipment, uniforms, registration fees and access to major sporting events for kids who might not otherwise be able to participate. Subway Restaurants of Arizona supports kids in sports because it believes basic sports skills -- teamwork, commitment and accountability -- help kids throughout their lives. Subway Kids & Sports of Arizona has reached more than 25,000 Arizona children since its inception in 1999.


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