Biltmore Bank of Arizona Announces Sponsorship of Tallwave “High Tide” Start-Up Competition for Innovative Companies

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October 30, 2014
October 30, 2014

Biltmore Bank of Arizona, a premier community bank focused on the needs of the small and medium-d business, is pleased to announce that it has joined Tallwave, a commercializor, lean business accelerator and venture management firm, for the first-ever “High Tide” Start-Up Competition. Offered twice a year at no cost to participants, High Tide is focused on commercializing new sustainable ventures in Arizona by bringing validated companies to willing and motivated capital sources.

“High Tide is the only startup competition in the Southwest, applying lean business and design validation principles to identify, develop and commercialize rapid-growth startups,” said Jeff Gaia, CEO and president of the Biltmore Bank of Arizona. “Through our sponsorship of this innovative program, we believe we can help connect the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Arizona as well as assist startups in becoming become viable, scalable and sustainable growth companies.”

Thus far in the competition, High Tide has selected and celebrated 20 companies throughout the Southwest to participate in its “Phase One: Validation” program, which examines viability of each venture. Six of these 20 companies have since been announced as finalists and have now moved to the “Phase Two: Acceleration” program, which assesses product-market fit and go-to-market commercialization.


The finalists – four of whom are from Arizona – are:

·         Convrrt from Chandler, Arizona

·         Creative Allies from Santa Monica, California

·         GreenRx from Denver, Colorado

·         HiringSolved from Chandler, Arizona

· from Phoenix, Arizona

· from Phoenix, Arizona

Each High Tide finalist will receive a cash grant of $15,000 for use in company operational expenses and an additional $35,000 in scholarships for either “Product Market Fit” or “Go To Market” services from Tallwave. There is no cost to entrepreneurs selected to participate in the High Tide program. For more information, please visit

“As a High Tide sponsor, Biltmore Bank has visibility into Arizona’s most exciting and promising startup and early-stage ventures,” said Jeffrey Pruitt, Tallwave chairman and CEO. “Entrepreneurs need the help of community leaders such as Biltmore Bank and we applaud their support of the next captains of industry.”


About Biltmore Bank of Arizona

The Biltmore Bank of Arizona is Arizona’s premier business bank, focused on the banking needs of the small and medium d businesses, and is a member of the FDIC. The bank is committed to developing a strong and loyal client base with diversified loan, deposit and business services. Highly personalized service is the hallmark of the bank’s business strategy.

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