Arizona Association for Economic Development Sets 2022 Legislative Priorities

(PHOENIX – Jan. 10, 2022) – The Arizona Association for Economic Development (AAED), committed to being the leading advocate for economic development in the state of Arizona, works to protect and enhance existing economic development tools and resources, as well as assist in creating new ones, to ensure that economic development practitioners can properly attract, retain, and assist businesses in their communities.

“Arizona competes with other states, regions and nations for businesses and jobs,” says Michael Jansen, chair of AAED’s Governmental Affairs Committee. “Arizona policies should reflect a commitment to competing in a global market and as such AAED has set the following as its legislative priorities for the coming year.”

Advancing the Competitiveness of Arizona’s Business Climate:  AAED will support policies that are performance-based and return-driven and encourage a diversity of businesses to locate and remain in Arizona for the long term, thereby enhancing Arizona’s competitive efforts to attract and retain high wage jobs and encourage capital investment.

Enhance the Access to CapitalRecognizing access to capital as one of the major drivers to the formation and growth of new companies, AAED will support policies that enhance businesses’ access to venture capital and leverage tax credits that encourage high-wage employment growth.

Support Export-Oriented Businesses and Industries:  AAED will support initiatives that improve Arizona’s ability to increase the number of export-oriented businesses within the State.

Create and Expand Development and Revitalization Tools:  AAED supports the creation of infrastructure financing tools that will allow for the long-term financing of needed improvements through the capture and reallocation of property taxes within specific geographic boundaries.

Allowing for Ease of Business Creation:  AAED will support policies that reduce costly administrative burdens on small and medium sized businesses, thereby encouraging a business environment that can capitalize on the vision and skills of Arizona’s entrepreneurs.

Supporting an Educated Workforce:  AAED will encourage state and local governments to recognize that high quality graduates from Arizona institutions – both primary and secondary – are a key component to future revenue growth of the state, and that thoughtful and sustainable spending on education represents an investment, not a cost.

Support Rural Economic Development:   AAED will encourage diverse economic development within our urban centers and also around our smaller, more remote communities, which contribute significantly to Arizona’s gross state product.

Support of Native American Economic Development:  AAED will support efforts of Arizona’s Native American Tribes to build upon their economic prosperity, while respecting their unique cultural values and political sovereignty.

Support of the Tourism Industry:  AAED will support efforts to enhance tourism efforts in all regions of Arizona.

Support of Arizona’s Military Mission:  AAED will support efforts to protect the military’s long-term mission throughout Arizona.

Oppose shifts to local governments:  AAED opposes state cost shifts to local Arizona governments. 

“It is critical that the State continues to protect and enhance the existing economic development tools and resources and economic development practitioners rely on to attract and retain successful businesses in our communities,” said Carrie Kelly, executive director of AAED. “AAED applauds the Governor and the Legislature for recognizing the need to add tools that advance economic development that helps ensure that Arizona remains competitive in the marketplace.”

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About the Arizona Association for Economic Development

AAED, founded in 1974, has a mission to serve as Arizona’s unified voice for responsible economic development through professional education, public policy, and collaboration. For more information on AAED, visit or call (602) 240-2233.

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