Ak-Chin Indian Community Chairman Robert Miguel Joins Maricopa Economic Development Alliance Board of Directors

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March 18, 2019
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(MARICOPA, Ariz. – March 19, 2019) Robert Miguel, chairman of the Ak-Chin Indian Community, has joined the board of directors of Maricopa Economic Development Alliance (MEDA).

MEDA is the City of Maricopa’s private-public partnership for economic development.  As a 501(c)3 corporation, the organization champions strategies and solutions that foster economic growth and prosperity in Maricopa by bringing together the business, government, education and civic sectors to identify and advance policies that facilitate investment, growth and workforce development.

Chairman Miguel was the first elected chairman of the Ak-Chin Indian Community under its new Constitution which allowed tribal members to officially vote for their Chairman.  An advocate of education, health, water, economic development, and elder and youth services, Chairman Miguel has developed his leadership skills through hard work, dedication and guidance with the support of the Ak-Chin Elders.

“I was born and raised on Ak-Chin and have watched the City of Maricopa, our neighbor, grow into a vibrant and dynamic city,” said Chairman Miguel. “There is much synergy between what the elected leaders in Maricopa want for their community and what our tribal council wants for our community.  Being a part of MEDA and the discussions regarding economic growth and development will be a benefit to all of us.”

“We are thrilled that Chairman Miguel is a part of our board of directors, bringing not only his knowledge and expertise on tribal affairs, but the Community’s perspective on strategic growth,” said John Schurz, MEDA’s board chair. “That knowledge will be an integral part of our collective success.”

MEDA’s board is comprised of the leading executives of Maricopa’s major business sectors, representing expertise and experience in utilities, finance, development, health care and infrastructure development.  Equally important are the elected officials and public sector executives who bring the essential representation of the City of Maricopa’s City Council, City Management and Economic Development functions.

“The City of Maricopa and the Ak-Chin Indian Community have a long-standing and mutual respect for each other and our representation of our individual constituencies,” said Mayor Christian Price.  “I am pleased that Chairman Miguel and the Community are part of MEDA’s board of directors, knowing this will only strengthen our close working relationship and better serve us all.”

The Maricopa-MEDA partnership is an important component of the city’s economic vitality and sustainability. Through the Maricopa Economic Development Alliance, the City of Maricopa and business and education leaders join forces to identify and support promising economic development opportunities for the City of Maricopa.

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