Check the Calendar

When we are working on major announcements or special events, we always check the calendar to make sure we are not competing for media coverage or attendance with something more important – or something perceived to be more important.

It’s pretty basic.  There are certain days that you know that the media will cover without much else getting in the way.  Election Day, Inauguration Day, Black Friday, Halloween and the first day of school all commandeer priority media coverage.  There are a few others that gain top billing, as well. Of course, breaking news trumps everything.

I found it interesting when two titans, the National Football League and Major League Baseball, were headed for a collision with Game 3 of the World Series potentially scheduled for Sunday, Oct. 30.   Sundays are typically dominated by the NFL from mid-morning to bedtime.

Wisely, MLB opted to schedule Game 3 for Monday, Oct. 31.  That puts the game up against Halloween and Monday Night Football instead of a full slate of Sunday NFL games.  Game 7 of the World Series would be on Saturday, Nov. 5, a couple days ahead of Election Day.

Even the big boys have to take into account what else is going on when they want all the limelight.

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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at Sep 6, 2022

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