Can Money Buy Happiness?

Everyone knows the age-old saying, “money can’t buy happiness.” I don’t know about that… would you rather be crying in a Nissan or a Rolls Royce? I know my answer.

It often feels like money rules the world. The more money you have, the more people want to be around you. The more opportunities you get. The more people you meet. The more you can do with your life. The more you can get what you want.

What money does not equal, however, is character. It may be able to get you certain opportunities or material gifts in life, but it will never turn an unkind person into a kind one. No matter how much money you earn, if your character is bad, then nothing good will come from your success. And just like money cannot buy character, it also cannot buy knowledge; knowledge only comes from personal experience and education. If you want to learn new things in life and be successful at them, you must be willing to make and conquer mistakes—not pay them off.

If you’re struggling to maintain your happiness when working towards that six-figure bank account, think about what you’ve gained along the way. PR pros are constantly improving communication skills, finding new ways to utilize media, building relationships, and writing new and creative content. We adapt to the ever-changing media landscape and work hard for our respect and loyalty.

Securing media placements and accomplishing PR campaign goals makes me happy and I know it makes our clients happy. For me, this is because of all the steps it took to get to that point, which only pushes me to be better and more efficient on the next project. And building genuine relationships along the way can not only take your career to the next level, but also keep your character in check.

The common misconception that money can buy happiness is just that—a misconception. While wealth and possessions might reduce some stressors in life, it does not have any bearing on how happy you are from within, whether others respect you, or peace of mind. I say this not to discourage you from getting that Rolls Royce or suggest that money doesn’t have its benefits, but as a friendly reminder to be mindful of your journey along the way.

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at Apr 5, 2023

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