Bye Fake PR News

Yesterday, I came across a blog post, 3 ways PR pros can defend against consequences of fake news by Gini Dietrich and posted on PR Daily.  Of course the title caught my eye right away. Only after I read the article did I realize it was from Gini, who happens to be one of my favorite public relations people (Abbie and I even use her book, Spin Sucks, in the class we co-teach at Arizona State University)!  I am really enjoying the fake news topic right now as can been shown by my recent blog post What is Fake News and What is Opinion?
The best line from Dietrich’s post is: “To keep fake news from going viral, you must be able to quickly debunk it,” probably because I completely agree with it. Now, Dietrich recommends doing this by setting up a microsite as quickly as possible. While I agree that this is an option I don’t know if it is the best option in all cases. I think it depends on the client and the type of fake news.
Dietrich also recommends that organizations have a fake news response playbook. I completely agree with this as it should be part of an organization’s crisis plan and should be updated on a regular basis as different situations occur.
Now I want to hear from you! Is your agency prepared to give advice to your clients on fake news?

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at Mar 23, 2017

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