Business Cards Still Booming

With much of today’s communicating, networking and relationship-building happening in a virtual setting, the power of the physical business card is often underestimated, despite being around since the 15th century and still here today. While some may consider a physical business card outdated, these tools remain as a crucial element in marketing and networking, serving as the beginning of a potentially powerful connection.

A business card is your first impression. It’s important to create one that fits your brand image and identity that includes the colors and logo of your organization to boost awareness. And while design is important, and innovation is cool, simple works too. Just be sure to include the key elements on your card: company name, logo, your name and title, email, phone number, address if you have one, and social media handles.

Now, digital business cards have become a major force in networking with the introduction of multiple apps such as Blinq and Popl that perform a digital card exchange with the scan of a QR code. One big perk of digital is the ability to change your information and design whenever you like, so no need to reprint.

I value business cards for their tangible reminder of a person and their business, and I like to keep all of mine together in one place to refer to frequently and expand my collection. And a good tip I recently learned while attending a conference is to write where you met someone on the back of their card when you receive it, that way you can remember where your relationship first started.

Whether you are meeting a new client, partner or friend in the industry, business cards can make a difference. Once you have a card to add to your rolodex, consider what you can do together with this new connection. How can you collaborate on a project, story, event or just get to know each other? This starts with a follow-up call, email or LinkedIn request.

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at Nov 2, 2023

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