Brands and Politics

debateEscaping political debate seems impossible these days, does it not?
It’s not only here in the United States, either.
According to our friends at the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN), the line between brands and political issues and views is getting blurrier by the minute.
Our PRGN partner SCR in Barcelona, Spain, recently tackled the ever-so-touchy subject here in recent weeks. They make some great points on the issue itself as well as some strategies to navigate clients and brands away from the political arena.

So, what say you on the topic?

Me? I say what I always do – enter at your own risk, and I add a “danger” or “poison” emoji if giving said advice online or via text.
And, like with anything else, please think before you (or you let a client) write, tweet or anything. Or else.

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at Jun 7, 2018

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