#BookClub – Alignment for Success: Bringing Out the Best in Yourself, Your Teams, and Your Company , Part 3 – Make the most of meeting time

Alignment for SuccessMy series of posts from the Alignment for Success book continues today with [inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]some ideas about making the most of meetings[/inlinetweet].  Other posts have included creating alignment for your business and making time to just think.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]There is nothing worse than being in a meeting with no clear purpose or direction[/inlinetweet]. We’ve all been in them and likely have been responsible for it happening on occasion.

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]@KatharineHalpin shares this list of questions to prep for a meeting.  How many do you use to plan?[/inlinetweet]


  • What exactly is the purpose of this meeting – planning, reporting, brainstorming, or decision-making?
  • Are we at the right stage of this process to have this meeting now?
  • Who will be the facilitator during this meeting?
  • Are they properly prepared?
  • Who are the required parties that should attend?
  • Are these the same people who were invited? Who is missing? Who can be excused?
  • What is my role to play in the meeting?
  • Do we have a well-thought-out agenda that all the participants have seen in advance?
  • Should we take time at the beginning of the meeting to review the agenda?
  • What outcomes do we need to deliver by the end of the meeting?
  • By when should the work of this committee be accomplished?
  • Who will be responsible for circulating the notes and plan of action?
  • What kind of leadership does this group need?
  • How can I prepare to bring that kind of leadership to this meeting?


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at Jul 13, 2016

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