Big Mouths, Unite!

Andy Cohen and I have two very major things in common – a passionate love for the evil magic tube known as the “television” and big mouths.
And just like Cohen, my love for television has honestly helped me in my communications career, while my big mouth has gotten me into trouble.
In his new book, Most Talkative, the “Real Housewives” creator has the guts to admit mistakes his mouth has made – mistakes all of us have made to some degree. Among them:

  • Gossiping to co-workers about others – and getting caught.
  • Sharing sex stories near a microphone – that was on.
  • Mispronouncing someone’s name – on stage at the Miss USA pageant.

Gossiping – guilty.
Oversharing – guilty. (But not about “that!”)
Messing up someone’s name on camera – guilty.
And guess what – Andy and I, big mouths and all, are still standing and working in communications. We are also learning to stick our feet in our mouths a little less each day.
So are you.
Dare to share a moment when you put your foot in your mouth in the workplace – and how you got passed it?

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at Aug 2, 2012

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