How do you become a thought leader?

Every so often, our team shares some of the more tactical aspects of our jobs.

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Media relations is a valuable piece to any client, brand or organization’s (CBO) overall marketing communications program. When done well, media placements serve as a third-party endorsement of a CBO. In many cases, placements help the CBO to be seen as a subject-matter expert, or thought leader, to the media as well as the community-at-large.

So, how does this happen?

First, you must interview the CBO representatives, gleaning areas of true expertise. Second, you must connect these areas of expertise to the CBO’s key messages and positioning statements to ensure they are aligned. After all, not all areas of expertise may help drive the CBO forward. Third, you must research editorial calendars, national and regional observances, current news of the day and media who cover the CBO’s areas of expertise. Finally, you have to cut through the clutter with the right media. Use all of your research, not just on the CBO but on the media members themselves, to draft a succinct, well-researched, clear pitch of how the CBO can assist with X,Y, Z stories now and in the future.

Beyond this, you have to look at creative ways of getting the CBO’s areas of expertise into the media. Do you do a news release? Pitch a story? Submit a bylined article? Suggest an award nomination or profile? Perform a study? Hold a news conference? Author a white paper? Produce digital content?

Armed with an overarching marketing communications plan, key messaging and these identified areas of expertise, the sky is the limit to how you can help your CBO earns it’s way as a thought leader in print, online and with broadcast media.

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at Sep 24, 2020

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