Does your astrological sign dictate your career path?

Several years ago (six to be exact), I wrote a blog post that made the connection between communicators and those whose birthdays fell under the astrological sign of Libra. I was amazed at how many friends in the communications industry also had birthdays in September and October, including Scott, Alison and me in our office.

I wondered at the time if other industries lined up the same way?  I decided to find out. Depending on which site I looked at there were different options, but here’s a few examples of what I found:
Aries — sales or real estate that allows you to put your enthusiasm to work; commission-based occupations also stimulate your drive to work harder and earn more than your colleagues. You’re a hero at heart and would enjoy any career that allows you to show your true colors, such as a police officer, paramedic, or rescue worker.

Taurus — would do well in any career featuring tactile or sensory pleasures, such as a gourmet chef, a florist, a chocolatier or a potter.

Gemini — are inherently personable, witty, and sociable so careers such as event planner or owner of a bookstore, or a career in public relations and should definitely include words – either written or spoken – perhaps in the form of a writer, librarian, journalist, singer or blogger, or even a politician.

Cancer — would do well in any occupation in which they could support others, such as a teacher, therapist, social worker, homemaker, or nurse.

Leo — loves the limelight, any occupation that lets you get out into the spotlight, such as actor, musician or any other type of performer; director of a theater or dance troop; theater teacher or dance instructor; product spokesperson.

Virgo — a career that utilizes your talents with detail and organization, such as office manager, copyeditor or personal organizer, or one that allows you to put your keen critical skills to use, such as restaurant critic, Health Department inspector, accountant, editor or detective.

Scorpio — known for their emotional depth and drive to understand deeper truths, so careers such as detective, therapist, counselor, physician, or nurse.

Sagittarius – love of knowledge, experience, athleticism or the outdoors would lend itself well to adventure guide, travel writer, teacher, professor or coach and strong ethical beliefs would suit them in a career in law enforcement, such as a judge, police officer, or attorney.

Capricorn — ambitious, dependable, and always seeking improvement so any career as long as you’re doing work you love and there is an opportunity for promotions.

Aquarius — naturally progressive, Fox and seeking to improve the status quo, so scientist, an inventor or the founder of an Internet startup company or possibly an animal or human rights activist, a politician, an organic farmer, a city planner, or an architect specializing in sustainable design.

Pisces – have a love of illusion so would make a great writer, children’s book illustrator, magician, musician or visual artist, or photographer.

How accurate is this?  Are you in a career that aligns with your sign?

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at Oct 3, 2019

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