Arizonans Still Facebooking

According to a recent study conducted by the Arizona Broadcasters Association (ABA), Arizonans use local TV news more than any other media source to stay informed.   Fifty percent of consumers say they use local TV news either multiple times a day or daily to stay connected.

Those same people say that Facebook continues to be their social media platform of choice – with Arizonans having a daily consumption rate of 54 percent!  The number climbs to nearly three-fourths of those surveyed who check-out Facebook on a weekly basis compared to last year’s numbers.

Surprisingly, YouTube was second with a daily rate of 50 percent and a weekly use rate of 72 percent.

Next on the ABA’s daily usage chart are:

  1. Instagram – 38%
  2. SnapChat – 27%
  3. Twitter – 26%
  4. TikTok – 25%
  5. Instagram – 19%
  6. Pinterest – 19%
  7. Reddit – 16%
  8. LinkedIn –7%

YouTube (26%) and Facebook (21%) also saw a jump from last year in where Arizonans go for their news, according to the 1,242 respondents to online interviews conducted by SmithGeiger.

This is a comprehensive survey with a boatload of outstanding data.

In this new era of false and incorrect information being passed off as news, it’s important for people to utilize multiple sources and do some fact-checking to determine what is truth and what is not.

HMA’s social media experts are ready to help guide you through maze.

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at Jun 15, 2022

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