Are You Using Infographics?

In a recent blog post, I discussed visual content on social media and some tips for helping your brand stand out creatively. One important example of non-video visual content for social media is the infographic.

Data is important, but most of your social media followers are not interested in reading a spreadsheet of your results or an endless list of numbers. Infographics have the power to condense important information into eye-catching posts that keep followers informed and engaged.

If you are active on social media, you probably are scrolling past infographics shared by your friends every day. Infographics are the perfect way to share important information in an easily understandable way. Additionally, this content is more likely to go viral.

Infographics also give you the opportunity to repurpose content. Have you recently written a blog post that you wish would have received more attention? Turning this blog content into a striking infographic can help give your content the recognition it deserves and reach new audiences across multiple platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

If you are stuck on how to create infographics to match your brand, Canva offers a variety of templates that can bring your data to life and be easily customized for any brand.

With so many great benefits, infographics are the perfect addition to any social media feed.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

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at Sep 8, 2021

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