Are You Looking for a Job in Public Relations?

It’s that time again.  Journalism students, just returning from spring break and realizing that they’ll be graduating in less than two months, start reaching out looking for an internship or even better, a fulltime position.

Job searching in today’s market looks a little different.  We are conducting in-person interviews, but with a screen between us.  The possibility of working for a company while living in another city is now a possibility. Employers are finding ways to ensure that workplace culture is maintained in a hybrid work environment.

I’d like to offer up some helpful tips to jobseekers:

  • Even though the interview may be online, you still need to show up on time ready for an interview. Just as you would show up to the interview location a few minutes before your scheduled appointment, login a few minutes before the start of your online interview.  You should be there waiting for me to arrive.
  • Pay close attention to what’s happening in the background of your interview. It is nice to have an inside look at your personal space, but there are some personal things I don’t need to see.  Consider blurring your background or create a background specific for your job interviews.
  • Dress appropriately. Again, just because you are online, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress for the job you want.  It will never work against you to dress professionally, but it will when you’re not.
  • It may be difficult to present a portfolio of work during an online interview, but be prepared to send work samples immediately following the interview.
  • Do your homework. You can learn so much about the company and the person you are interviewing with through social media and websites.  Take the time to learn more about us.
  • And speaking of that, also know that we are going to be looking at your social media as well. Does it represent who you are?  Now is the time to make sure that your online information is up-to-date and accurate and that what you are sharing on social puts you in the best light possible.
  • Set realistic expectations about your salary requirements. Salary surveys are often skewed so use those as a guide, but find out what is happening in the market.  Entry-level jobs in Phoenix will pay very different that an entry-level job in say Los Angeles or Chicago.
  • And finally, don’t forget to send a thank you note. It may seem obvious, but it is one more opportunity for you to share something with the potential employer about yourself and your interest in the position.  It may seem silly, but if it comes down to two equally qualified candidates, the thank you note may be the thing that pushes you ahead of the other candidate.

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at Mar 24, 2022

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