Are There Newspaper Carriers Anymore?

Given that yesterday was Labor Day and many of us had the day off, we might not have been aware that yesterday was also National Newspaper Carrier Day, recognized on September 4 of each year.

What in the heck is a newspaper carrier?  Well, long before the daily newspaper was an online subscription that popped up on your device and headlines dotted social media feeds, young boys and girls would deliver the newspaper to your front step each and every morning (or evening depending on your community).

Rumor has it that Scott got his start in journalism as a newspaper boy (as it was ok to say back then) even earning a scholarship because of it.

Right up there with mowing lawns and babysitting, delivering newspapers was often one of the first jobs a young person had.  I remember as a kid back in St. Paul, Clay would come collect the weekly subscription fee, stay for a few minutes to chat with my mom and a quick smile for me and my sister.

History of National Newspaper Carrier Day

National Newspaper Carrier Day was created to honor the efforts of the first newsboy hired in the United States.  In 1833, 10-year-old Blarney Flaherty first picked up his load of papers, answering an advertisement that specified that “steady men” could apply. His cries of “Paper! Get your paper, here!” were first heard calling out across the streets of New York. 

How to recognize National Newspaper Carrier Day

It’s doubtful that many of you have a carrier to recognize these days.  But there are still hardworking journalists and photographers making sure that there is a newspaper every day. So, although we may not have the carrier to thank, we can certainly thank the journalists for their efforts and continue to subscribe to your daily newspaper.

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at Sep 5, 2023

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