Are the Gears Turning?

Public relations professionals are often thought of as the middle ground. We are responsible for handling the needs of our clients, building relationships with the media, and relaying key messages to the public. There are a lot of moving parts involved.

In order to keep the gears turning, different types of communication methods must be practiced. As we know, communication can come in many forms, such as phone calls, texts, remote video calls, in-person meetings and non-verbal. And with different forms of communication comes different strategies as well.

Below are two communications strategies that I’ve utilized most in my academic and professional careers:

Scripted Communication

Presentations are a good example for a scripted communications strategy. Presentations are often used when introducing a new product, pitching an idea or for informational purposes. Scripted communication may help with ensuring all points are made, the presentation is at your desired length, or all components align (such as if there are visuals or demonstrations accompanying). You may read more about scripting your presentations here.

Active Engagement

I consider active engagement to be more of a communications element rather than a strategy, however it can be strategic if the goal is to be more collaborative. For example, if an organization is wanting to build a stronger team internally. I’ve found active engagement to be most useful when brainstorming or collaborating on projects. Two heads – or many heads – are better than one.

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at Jun 29, 2023

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