Are Team Member Profiles Useful for My Brand?

Strategic communications campaigns designed around an organization’s executive leadership can be instrumental in vocalizing its mission, vision, and values. In many instances serving as the “face” of the brand, executive leadership profiles can act as a strategic method in tying the passions of the individual to the values of their business. (If interested in developing a strategic communications campaign around executive leadership, consider these questions found here.)

Depending on what your brand stands for, profiling team members can elevate the brand and increase engagement with your desired audience as well. As an example, many nonprofit organizations have executive leadership and team members dedicated to the communities they serve and passionate about the cause they support. Promoting the team and profiling its members may be useful in gaining support from audiences who relate or identify with a particular team member’s background, set of values, or position in the organization. Unique experiences of the team, if incorporated strategically into the overall brand image, can work together to play a role in elevating the brand or organization altogether.

Your team is valuable and sharing their stories with the public can have a positive impact your brand, too. Looking for assistance in developing a strategic communications plan? Contact us today.

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at Jul 14, 2023

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