Are Chatbots Right for Your Business?

I recently attended a webinar from AMA Phoenix that covered the topic of chatbots and other modern marketing technologies, such as artificial intelligence, that businesses are using to provide better customer experiences and/or aid digital marketing efforts. During this virtual event, I was able to see how in-depth chatbots really go and how the process works on both ends of the conversation.

So, what is chatbot marketing? For many of us, we have visited a website looking to troubleshoot an issue online or simply scrolling and heard a notification sound with a chat box pop up–in many cases this is a chat bot.

These chatbots are computer software powered by artificial intelligence and designed to automate conversation with a user to lead them where they need to go. Using programmed responses, the bot will guide users toward an end goal whether it is to convert a user to buy their product or help a customer find a solution to a technical issue they are facing, a chatbot can usually help get you there.

But are chatbots right for your business and goals? While I personally enjoy an immediate response to a tech problem I am facing or a question on a specific product I want to buy, I tend to prefer to speak to someone over the phone and get the help I need directly. However, I understand that many businesses don’t have access to 24/7 customer service and are doing what they can to make sure no customer goes unnoticed. I respect it.

Bots can be a double-edged sword. While in some cases they may provide quick and efficient service to a customer, they also have the potential to fall flat and complicate a process while taking away from potentially more insightful conversations over the phone or online.

As more and more elements of the world trend towards automation, marketing does as well. With so many chatbot options and software to choose from, will you make it a part of your business’s communication?

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at Nov 16, 2022

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