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June 12, 2014
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Aiden Book ReportRecently, Abbie brought in children’s books for the office to read, from a list she had come across, that was about the five children’s books with the best leadership lessons for adults. We all did the book reports and if you remember from my blog yesterday, I had Aiden involved in reading the books as well.

After Aiden and I were working on the project, we decided that he would create his own list of the top five books that every adult should read because they have a good message.

Below is Aiden’s list of books and his reason as to why you should check them out.

Good Night Moon- Because saying goodnight to everyone is polite.

Only One You- Everyone should make the world a better place because there is only one you. You should always make yourself the best you can!

The Giving Tree- You should share “stuff” no matter what it is to the people you love and also your friends.

Oh, the Places You’ll Go- Because if you make good decisions you can go anywhere and be anything you want.

The Rainbow Fish- No matter what you should be nice to everyone.

Aiden Book Report 2

I happen to enjoy Aiden’s list and his reasons (but I am probably biased). I will
admit that when I had to read Good Night Moon or The Giving Tree for the 500th time, and I thought I couldn’t take hearing either of them just one more time, at least now I can think that there IS a good reason we are reading it (again… and again… and again).

What are your thoughts about Aiden’s books and reasons? Do you have any books to add?

Rachel Brockway
Rachel Brockway
A former HMA Public Relations employee.

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