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internet slangIn a Facebook group last week, the topic of Internet slang – both its use in companies’ digital communications and the growing use of it in quotes, interviews and even on brand websites – came up. It resulted in a detailed list of both slang and abbreviations – and I felt so old! I honestly did not know what half of them meant, and when the poster didn’t share the meaning, I took to the internet to Google (thank you, urban dictionary) every single one. Thought I would share here and see what other ones we can come up with:

The slang/abbreviations I knew:

FYI – for your information

ICYMI – in case you missed it

BRB – be right back

TY – thank you

LOL – laugh out loud

TMI – too much information

NBD – no big deal

LMK – let me know

SMH – shaking my head

IMO – in my opinion

OMG – oh my God/goodness

IDK – I don’t know

TIA – thanks in advance

FOMO – fear of missing out

YOLO – you only live once

OOTD – outfit of the day

TBH – to be honest

IRL – in real life

TTYL – talk to you later

NM – never mind

OH – overheard

DM – direct message

FTFY – fixed that for you

MIRL – me in real life

RT – retweet

ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing

NSFW – not suitable/safe for work

B/C – because

FTF – face to face

AKA – also known as

BTW – by the way

IYKWIM – if you know what I mean

MCM – man crush Monday

TBT – throwback Thursday

WCW – woman crush Wednesday

FBF – fall back Friday

WTH – what the heck

FML – you know what it means

The slang/abbreviations I had to Google:

TFW – that feeling when

TL;DR – too long, didn’t read

OTP – one true pairing

KMSL – killing myself laughing

HAK – hugs and kisses

AFAIK – as far as I know

DWBH – don’t worry, be happy

IIRC – if I recall correctly

MSM – mainstream media

HIFW – how I felt when

TIME – tears in my eyes

WTPA – where the party at?

IKR – I know, right?

SFTLR – sorry for the late reply

IJS – I’m just saying

TIL – today I learned

NTTAWWT – not that there’s anything wrong with that

WHIW – for what it’s worth

IMHO – in my humble opinion

GTK – good to know

IU2U – it’s up to you

DGMW – don’t get me wrong

SLAP – sounds like a plan

OATUS – on a totally unrelated subject

FTW – for the win

H/T – hat tip

FR – for real

AMA – ask me anything

DAE – does anyone else?

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