#MediaMonday – Angela Gonzales

Purple! Caroling! Family!

Those are the three things that come to mind when I think of Angela Gonzales, who covers residential real estate, health care and education for the Phoenix Business Journal. Among the most beloved members of the Arizona media, Angela (never Angie, people!) is never without a smile, a kind word, photos of her amazing kids, a purple outfit or her pitch-perfect singing voice, no matter what is happening in the world.

Angela, time to share!

Where did you grow up? Actually, you can call me Angie. That was my nickname growing up in Fort Morgan, Colorado, a small farm town about 80 miles northeast of Denver, where the population was less than 10,000. Our house was nestled between a sugar beet factory and a meat-packing plant — a combo pack of a smell you will never forget, no matter how hard you try.

How did you get into journalism? Share your journey. Growing up, I was in every choir, band and orchestra, but when I couldn’t even get a lead in a high-school musical, I figured I better find a career that would pay the bills. My sociology professor said I was a “prolific writer” and should consider journalism. I had no interest in world news but figured I could write fluffy features for magazines. So I declared journalism as my major my junior year at Colorado State University, graduating in 1987 and moving to Phoenix that summer to begin my job search.

How did you come to make the move to the Phoenix Business Journal? And…give the year so people’s jaws will drop? My first job out of college was research assistant at the Phoenix Business Journal, where I was in charge of the records section. That was 33 years ago — and it really doesn’t feel like 33 years at all. After about a year, the editor gave me the choice of covering marketing/media or health care. Rochelle Tigner was the most amazing health care reporter ever imaginable so when she left, I wanted to write like her. I’m not sure I ever accomplished that, but I’ve had the most amazing time trying.

What kinds of pitches do you want? Unlike my silly college dream of writing fluffy pieces for a magazine, I have outgrown fluff. I want hard, breaking news and, of course, I want the exclusive. I think that’s my favorite word. Offer me an exclusive and you’ve got my attention.

What would readers be surprised to know about you? When I’m not writing, I’m singing. And when I’m not singing, I’m writing. On the weekends, I cantor three English Masses at St. Louis the King Catholic Church in Glendale and one Spanish Mass at St Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix. I just joined The King’s Carolers, so if you want to hear me sing in one of their amazing quartets, book a gig! Full disclosure: If you tell Jeff the owner I sent you, I get a commission and get to sing in that gig. Sounds like a good deal to me. http://www.kingscarolers.com/

What are your favorite movies and TV shows? When I’m mentally exhausted I keep going back to my favorites: La La Land, Selena, Moulin Rouge, Burlesque, 50 First Dates, Never Been Kissed, Wedding Singer, Wedding Planner — you get the idea.

Favorite books or bands? I don’t really follow any bands anymore. I spend the majority of my nights practicing Gregorian chant in Latin. Let’s just say I’m on a high learning curve right now.

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at Nov 2, 2020

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