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While listening to Howard Stern interview Seth Meyers, they got to talking about their virtual workplaces as both have been broadcasting their shows remotely since March. Like many of us, they’ve found that working from home is far more efficient than they ever imagined. Their teams are working hard, and showing it, on a daily basis. Both marveled at the talent of their teams and ability to not just adapt but thrive in what they assumed with be a difficult transition.

The conversation went on, however, to talk about the beauty of inefficiency.

Meyers said, “I think we’ve all found that there are more efficient ways to do our jobs during all of this while appreciating that it was our inefficiencies that were the valuable parts of the job.”

These inefficiencies might include talking about TV shows, playing harmless pranks or even sharing a quick trip to get coffee. As Stern and Meyers called it, “shooting the sh*t.”

I could not agree more. And I cannot stress enough the importance of making what I am call “BS time” happen, whether all team members are back in the office, still wholly virtual or a hybrid. Schedule meetings at 4 p.m. instead of 9 a.m. Schedule a virtual office lunch or happy hour. Heck, plan a watch party of some silly show in the middle of the day. If running a virtual meeting, make up a fun game or prank versus sticking strictly to business.

You know why? Because “business” is happening.

And it is happening at a high level of efficiency.

But the inefficiency that makes all of our lives a little brighter is likely not, at least not like it was before.


Alison Bailin
Alison Bailin
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