Why You Should Join Clubhouse

Last year, Tik Tok quickly became the most popular app for everyone to join and this year it looks like Tik Tok may have some competition with the emergence of Clubhouse. If you aren’t an iPhone user than you may be less familiar with Clubhouse since it is only available on IOS right now, but Clubhouse is an app that allows users to browser and listen in on conversations on various topics from people all around the world including celebrities and industry experts. The idea is that Clubhouse is supposed mimic the real-life conversations one may have at a networking event or a cocktail party, so you never know who you may meet.

Social media is a crucial part of our job as PR professionals, so what does the emergence of Clubhouse mean for us and our clients?

First, you should decide if it’s an appropriate place for your clients, and if their target audience is active on the app. It was actually one of our clients that was first to welcome me and even invited me to one of my first rooms with experts speaking on topics related to their field. It is safe to assume that Clubhouse just might be making an appearance in your client’s future content marketing strategies.

Outside of potential opportunities for clients to engage with experts or be the expert, Clubhouse also offers a lot of opportunities for PR professionals and journalists. Clubhouse is home to many active journalists and reporters from national publications utilizing the app to create new connections to grow their networks, find new angles and story ideas and sources for those stories. The ability to be a fly on the wall for these conversations gives you the opportunity to find the next best opportunity for a client, opportunities to connect with other PR professionals from around the world and possibly puts you in touch with a journalist that might have felt out of reach.

Photo by Dmitry Mashkin on Unsplash

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at Apr 9, 2021

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