What is Zoom Fatigue?

Since March, video chatting through platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype have become the new normal for attending meetings, weddings, happy hours and almost any other event you can think of.

In the beginning, most of us were excited to be able to jump from meeting to meeting within seconds with only a click, but now we find ourselves exhausted even though we have not left our homes. This exhaustion has been coined as “Zoom fatigue.”

According to Northeastern University, we experience Zoom fatigue because video chat requires more focus than face-to-face communication. Since we aren’t in-person, it takes more focus for our brain to pick up on non-verbal cues including facial expression, body language, and pitch and tone through webcam. In-person, we pick up non-verbal cues without any hesitation or extra brain power.

So, how can we avoid Zoom fatigue as continue in this new virtual world?

  • Try to schedule time in between meetings to give yourself down time away from the screen.
  • Establish daily routines but also maintain some variety between your workday, relaxation time and weekends.
  • If you are feeling the need for in-person interaction, try to find a safe opportunity to do so.
  • Disconnect and spend some time alone when needed.

What are some other ways you are trying to beat Zoom fatigue?

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash
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at Oct 16, 2020

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