What is your Inspiration?

From writer’s block to thinking of a fresh new idea, we all have our personal ways to spark a new idea.

For me, I find inspiration in reading blogs and the news, listening to music and in my daily day-to-day experiences. After doing or thinking about a combination of those things for five minutes or sometimes longer, I have my “aha!” moment.
For others, they may find their inspiration in taking a quick walk, making a fresh cup of coffee or by getting distracted by something else and coming back to it.

Honestly, this blog post was inspired by one of those moments yesterday. While I was searching for my inspiration by reading PR Daily, I realized that I have a developed a routine that I do every week to get the ideas flowing for my blog post.

Be sure to let me know some ways you find your inspiration! I’m not the only one interested. Check out how Abbie, Scott and Alison get inspired.

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
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at Nov 13, 2019

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