What is Twitter Blue?

Have you ever tweeted than realized you forgot to tag someone or realized the tweet had a typo? Of course you have! For years, twitter users (including myself) have wished for an edit button on Twitter. Well it looks we won’t have to wish any longer with the announcement of Twitter Blue, Twitter’s first-ever subscription offering.

Last week, Twitter began rolling out Twitter Blue in Australia and Canada. According to Twitter, Twitter Blue is designed to make the Twitter experience more customized and more expressive. Twitter Blue will give users new features including the ability to bookmark, save and organize content making it easier to find later, the option to revise and preview tweets, reader mode that turns long threads into easy-to-read text, customizable app icons for your device’s home screen and access to a dedicated subscription customer support.

Twitter was sure to remind us that free Twitter is here to stay, and that we never have to worry about it ever leaving. The subscription is $2.99/month and each feature was designed based on the feedback from the Twitter community in a survey sent out last year.

The development of Twitter Blue serves as a reminder of the valuable data that can come from surveys and listening to your audience’s needs and wants. The introduction of a subscription service for Twitter can be an opportunity to create an even deeper loyalty amongst the community to the app.

Photo by Alexander Shatov on Unsplash

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at Jun 10, 2021

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