What is the Difference Between Publicity and Public Relations?

We often see publicity and public relations used interchangeably since many believe that these terms are the same thing, but that isn’t true.

Publicity is not something that a brand or organization has control over. Publicity is attention in the media that gains popularity among an audience whether it is good or bad. Publicity is focused on making headlines while public relations is a strategic approach to building brands and establishing relationships.

According to PRSA’s definition, public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.

As PR professionals, we value building authentic relationships with key stakeholders both internal and external. In addition, during a time of crisis, a PR practitioner will take on a role of developing and implementing an effective crisis communication plan to limit the damage to their client’s reputation.

It is important when trusting someone to handle your public relations that they are taking the necessary steps to build relationship sand develop strategies, not just chasing fast headlines.

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at Jul 15, 2021

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