What is snackable content?

Social media trends come and go, but strategies for increasing engagement have a much longer shelf life. One of my favorite strategies is “snackable content,” or bite-sized bits of information that help grab and hold the teeny tiny attention spans that fill social media. Snackable content is meant to be easily digestible, with a delicious combination of visual and simplified information.

While this strategy sounds like it is exclusive to small bites, the concept can be interpreted in multiple ways.  PR Daily thinks it’s more important to focus on mixing clear storytelling with enticing visuals for on-the-go consumption, while the length of the content isn’t as prioritized.
In the same article, PR Daily agrees that there are six factors that make up snackable content. Among the list are story, headline, visuals, sharing, graphic design and flexibility listed as the ingredients that go into making the perfect snack. The site even argues that long-form content can be considered snackable if it has the aforementioned qualities.

The thing is, snackable content doesn’t have clear parameters and is open to interpretation. Depending on your audience, making your content slightly more substantial could be beneficial.
My all-time favorite way to consume snackable content is through cooking videos – fitting, because they’re equally as appetizing to watch! Some great examples come from Buzzfeed’s Tasty, and one of my recent favorites is this yummy sushi bowl.
What are ways you can incorporate snackable content into your clients’ social media content? If you’re looking for guidance, HMA has a team of experienced digital communicators who can help.

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at Aug 28, 2019

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