What's in a Name
What’s in a Name?
July 27, 2017
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July 31, 2017
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Welcome to HMAHello all, my name is Madeleine Norris and I am super excited to be joining the HMA Public Relations team as the new intern!  I recently graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in Strategic Communication, and a minor in French (j'adore la langue, et la nourriture!)

Today marks two weeks with HMA and I have to say, I’ve learned more about PR in the last 14 days than I could have imagined. Within the first few hours on the job, I was getting started on projects  for clients. Whether I'm writing a news release, managing a social media account, helping out with an event or contributing to the daily “where should we go for lunch?” deliberation, I can count on every day at HMA to be different and exciting.  I can't complain about the occasional (okay...more than occasional) treats brought into the office or the pet-friendly environment either.

Welcome to HMA

Interning at HMA doesn’t entail fetching coffee and organizing office supplies. Even after just two weeks I feel like a valued part of the team. I am thankful to have joined a supportive group of mentors who are not only coworkers, but friends. I’ve already enjoyed my first HMA happy hour, attended my first PRSA luncheon and will be indoor sky-diving next week for our summer outing!  The Public Relations Global Network also welcomed me with some advice as I kick-start my career in the PR world:

Build "deep" relationships! And always remember, be 5 minutes early to everything and send a thank you card---immediately. It's still relevant.

Jump in, offer to help and be open to new ideas - and perfect your writing by doing more writing!

Read as much as you can in the news sources, online sites and social channels that matter to your clients.

Always remember PR stands for personal relationships. Greet everyone you meet with kindness and grace

Listen first, take notes, then talk.

I look forward to learning and growing every single day, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for me here at HMA.

Madeleine Norris
Madeleine Norris
Maddie recently graduated from Northern Arizona University and has since settled in Scottsdale to join the HMA team! She has a passion for snapchat filters, ChopShop coconut chia seed pudding and her cat, Phoebe. She is excited to learn more about all channels of PR with the HMA team.

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