Are Virtual Events the Future?

Last night, Abbie and I attended the Phoenix Business Journal’s first ever virtual 40 Under 40 event, and I have to wonder if virtual events may become a part of our “new normal” even after COVID-19.

Prior to “attending” the 40 Under 40 event, Abbie and I were able to meet with a client and “run” right over to the event in less than 30 seconds, something we could never do with an in-person only event.

I think I speak for all of Team HMA when I say that in the last four months, we have all attended more events and conferences than we would ever have the ability to attend if it wasn’t for them being accessible from the comfort of our homes.

According to Forbes, we shouldn’t be expecting virtual events to go anywhere anytime soon because they are budget friendly, virtual event technology is advancing, and attendee experience is going to continue to be important after COVID-19.

In addition to Forbes, I would also like to add that we no longer have to buy a new dress or suit, we can enjoy the event with our favorite cocktail and my favorite, you can be in two places at one time.



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at Aug 6, 2020

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