How to use influencers during the holiday season

Although it may still be well over 100 degrees most days in Arizona, the holidays are quickly approaching (I’m getting offers from Bath & Body Works for “The Perfect Autumn” and “Frozen Lake” scented candles, so it’s official).

I have often wondered through the last several months, what will holiday shopping look like this year. In recent years, people begin flooding the stores on Thanksgiving to kick off their holiday shopping for the year, but as we know many major retailers have announced closures on Thanksgiving this year due to COVID-19.

With a year that has been anything but predictable, how should we expect brands to adapt to reach audiences as they continue to spend more time at home and shopping online rather in-store?

While we can’t say anything is for certain in the year 2020, I bet we can all almost agree that we will see an increase in the use of influencers and social media to drive holiday shopping this year.

With a year that has had a bigger call for diversity than ever before, this will be a time that audiences will see if their favorite brands are listening to them by choosing to use a variety of influencers – not just based on ethnicity, but also gender, different body types, etc. Those brands will likely find more success and less public backlash.

As someone who worked in retail from 16 (fun fact: I started my first job on my 16th birthday)  until I graduated college, I have to say I am more excited to see people get to spend more time with their families for the holidays.

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at Sep 18, 2020

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