Have you tried Instagram’s “Stay Home” sticker?

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March 23, 2020
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March 25, 2020

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As mentioned by Marissa last week, Disney+, Hulu, Snapchat and TikTok have all pushed out new features to encourage social distancing during our current public health crisis.

After an update this past weekend, we can now add Instagram to the list of platforms making changes. Instagram introduced a “stay home” sticker and story to further encourage social distancing without experiencing FOMO (fear of missing out).

When the sticker is used by the users you follow it curates a “stay home” story at the top of your feed, so everyone can see what you are up to while you’re staying home and staying safe.

As we all know, social media is often a place we use to show off to our followers the cool things that we are doing. Now with social distancing in full swing, why not continue to share all the things we are doing while we are staying home? You might just learn something new.

So far from this new feature, I have learned about local restaurants offering curb-side pickup specials and a new at-home workout routine all from the safety of my home.

This new feature provides an opportunity for us to not only keep up with your friends, but with local businesses around us.

What would we see on your “Stay Home” story?

Autumn Jarrett
Autumn Jarrett
Originally from Illinois, Autumn currently resides in Tempe. In her spare time, you will find her taking weekend trips with her friends, shopping or binge watching her favorite shows. Check out Autumn's complete bio here.

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