Why Tough Conversations are Important

Most of us probably try our best to avoid conflict, tough conversations and anything that we feel like will make ourselves or someone else uncomfortable, but in reality, that isn’t always possible. Continuing to push that tough conversation to the bottom of your to-do list will not only make you feel like you have a constant weight on your shoulders but also negatively impact you professionally.

Most of us are still working remotely which can add an additional challenge to having a difficult conversation. When preparing yourself for a tough conversation, set up a time to have it via a video conferencing platform or telephone. This will cut out the possibility for miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Next, try to spend some time reflecting on the situation or issue so you are best prepared to fully express your feelings or thoughts. This could include beginning the conversation with a question or maybe jotting down a few notes ahead of time.

Lastly, try to mutually come to an understanding and a solution. While the solution may not be a clear-cut answer, coming to some type of resolution will help begin to put the conflict to rest.

Learning to embrace tough conversations, will help you continue to grow in your profession and reach your full potential.

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at Nov 19, 2020

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