Relevance and Resonance — The Two Important R’s for Blogging

Why is it that when communicating online we are immediately drawn to certain people’s posts/blogs and not to others?

Hmmm…that’s a great question.

Last week, I participated in Carrie Morgan’s #PRProChat on blogging, where one of the participants gave a simple answer to that question. According to Gerard Corbett, chair and CEO at Redphlag LLC, relevance and resonance are the two important r’s for blogging — and if not considered can be the reason why someone might opt to choose another blog over yours.

Blogging is not about putting together 600 words of text, including a photo and publishing them on your WordPress site. While many might think the content alone is enough to entice readers —it’s not. Readers might be attracted to the ideas, but they will lose interest if they can’t connect or if the blog post doesn’t evoke some type of emotion.

I thought about that for a bit and considered my favorite blog posts and why I liked them. Here are the types of blog posts I enjoyed the most:

  • Posts that were original
  • Posts that tell a story
  • Posts that evoke some type of emotion (anger, happiness, sadness, curiosity, etc.)

So, how can you make sure you are creating content that resonates with readers? Below are a few questions to consider before hitting the publish button.

  1. What is your goal for this blog post?
  2. Who is my reader and will they resonate with the post?
  3. Have I linked back to different posts or individuals where I can?
  4. Have I chosen an appropriate photo (a picture is worth a thousand words, so choose wisely)
  5. Is the content relevant?
  6. Would I read this myself?

What strategies do you use when developing content for your blog? Do you have any additional tips for attracting eyeballs to your posts?

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at Oct 9, 2013

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