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March 25, 2019
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March 27, 2019
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The world of PR is all about deadlines. Working so closely with the media can put PR people on their same fast-paced timeline. In past jobs I’ve had, we have had to rework our news releases daily to keep up with the ever-changing news cycle. If we didn’t get our story out within 24 hours, it wasn’t relevant anymore.

Pressure is always looming over us, but does this make us more efficient or hurt us in the long run? My sister lives in Madrid, Spain, where the culture is completely different. They’re much more laid back and informal, running on their own clocks and usually showing up to meetings just a few minutes late. It’s even common for businesses to close in the middle of the day to take a siesta, or midday power nap.

In my sister’s experience, Spaniards prioritize life in the work-life balance. Her adjustment to becoming a local has been extremely rewarding: Spain incorporates a lot more holidays, regular long weekends and puts an emphasis on having personal time. Studies even show its life expectancy has reached number one in the world, thanks to the Mediterranean lifestyle.

We can learn a thing or two from Spain. In a world constantly under pressure, it’s important to take a step back and make time to relax. Although America may never adopt the Spanish lifestyle, incorporating elements of it into our daily lives (like taking a walk at lunch or not eating at your desk) can make us more productive workers and leave us feeling fulfilled.

Although our world will always be under pressure, it’s important not to let it turn you to dust. Take advantage of it and let it squeeze you into a diamond.

Annelise Krafft
Annelise Krafft
Annelise is a Phoenix native who has spent her whole life around the media. When she’s not writing, you can find her tracking the latest celebrity gossip. Check out Annelise's complete bio here.

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