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November 20, 2019
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With Thanksgiving coming up next Thursday, it is the perfect time to highlight the PR lessons we can take away from Thanksgiving Dinner. PR Daily compiled a list of seven lessons we can learn from the turkey-filled dinner and here is my favorite from the list:

Plan your menu

A grocery list is essential to Thanksgiving shopping before the big day. You don’t want to be the person rushing to the grocery store on Thanksgiving before your guests arrive or having three family members bringing the same dish. Similarly, PR professionals draft plans to support various campaigns to make sure they do not forget any key details or leave out any important contacts.

Go ahead - break the wishbone

You have a 50/50 chance of being the winner with the bigger wishbone half. In PR, sometimes you have to take a risk to create fresh new ideas to spread your message.

Don’t blame the turkey

We are all guilty of blaming the turkey for the long after-Thanksgiving-dinner-nap, but it wasn’t the turkey’s fault. The same is true in PR, it is not usually one person’s fault when something goes wrong and we shouldn’t throw the “turkey” under the bus, but instead find a solution for the problem and learn from the problem for the future.

Never forget relationships matter

As we continue to approach the holiday season, we reflect on how important the relationships in our life are. Remember to take the time to enjoy your friends and family and continue to build relationships in your personal and professional life.

Autumn Jarrett
Autumn Jarrett
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