PR is a lifestyle

Mentors and mentees from the 2019 New Pros Mentorship Program. (Photo courtesy of PRSA Phoenix)

I recently joined PRSA Phoenix’s New Pros Mentorship Program, which is a nine-month program dedicated to supporting the career development of new pros and pairing them with mentors who share similar interests and experiences. In our first meeting, another member brought up an interesting point: PR is a lifestyle, not a career choice.
Any PR pro will agree with this statement. This industry is not a typical nine-to-five, regularly requiring working outside of office hours. From staffing early morning media hits to attending events on the weekends, it’s more common to find yourself out of the office than in it.
In order to survive (and thrive) in this environment, it’s helpful to stop thinking of PR as just a job. After all, most of the people I interact with every day are colleagues and members of the media – I spend more time with them than I do at home with my own family.
In PR, it’s important to embracing the gray area in between the work-life balance. Adopting the industry as a lifestyle can help you find creative ideas for pitches while you’re on vacation, spending time with family or walking the dogs.
Anyone who finds themselves in PR knows one thing to be true: Although at times this industry can be demanding, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Mentors and mentees from the 2019 New Pros Mentorship Program (Photo courtesy of PRSA Phoenix)
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at May 2, 2019

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