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PodcastsOne of my greatest tips for navigating crazy Phoenix traffic is to listen to a good podcast or audio book. In a blog post I wrote a while back, I listed some of my favorite podcasts in hopes of helping others keep their cool when bumper-to-bumper with other commuters.
As luck would have it, I just stumbled across a useful article on PR Daily that suggests five podcasts specifically geared towards PR pros.
I’m a little disappointed in myself because I’ve only tuned into one of the five, NPR’s TED Radio Hour. And while it is excellent, I’m excited to try the other four.

Here’s a peek at the other podcasts PR Daily recommends:

Accidental Creative

This one is geared towards leadership and fostering creative work—essential in the PR industry, if you ask me!

Awesome Office

Also focused on leadership, this podcast emphasizes the importance of creating a desirable office culture.

NPR’s How I Built This

This podcast is all about being an innovator and utilizing your entrepreneurial skills, assets that translate into just about any industry!

This History Chicks

I’m particularly interested in this one. As a woman and an avid viewer of Drunk History, I think this podcast would be right up my alley.
For a more detailed description of each of these recommended podcasts, check out the PR Daily article.
And here’s a fun one that Abbie just did with Ilana Lowrey of the Business Journal. Take a listen: http://businessradiox.com/podcast/phoenixbusinessradio/leadership-lowdown-phoenix-business-journal-ilana-lowery-and-hma-public-relations-abbie-fink/
If you can think of any others that PR pros, or anyone really, would be interested in, feel free to share below!

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at Apr 11, 2018

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