Now is the time to be authentic

In recent days, most of the nation has come together in solidarity, supporting peaceful protesting and working to implement change. In addition, many people have taken to social media to show support, from posting statements to sharing information and participating in Blackout Tuesday earlier this week.

For brands and businesses, one element is crucial in addressing recent events: authenticity. Now is not the time to hop on a social trend for the sake of being involved.

In recent days, public figure and “Glee” actress Lea Michele learned this the hard way when her statement of support on social media was hit with criticism from several of her former co-stars, resulting in the loss of her contract with meal kit delivery service HelloFresh.

For public figures, brands and businesses with a wide reach, simply posting a statement may not be enough. According to Adweek, consumers notice when brands take stronger action and have a more meaningful response, like innovating, donating and collaborating with organizations that advocate for change.

In fact, research from Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer global report and its special “In Brands We Trust: Multicultural Report” shows that 81% of respondents must be able to know that a company will do the right thing before they will purchase its products or services, making an authentic response important not only ethically but also financially.

PR pros – how have you helped clients navigate their response?

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at Jun 4, 2020

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