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May 13, 2008
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May 15, 2008
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My mom has always been pretty supportive of me.

She attended all of my sporting events from grade school through high school. In fact, she still puts on her spectator hat for an occasional softball or baseball game that I or other family members might be participating in. She's always a model fan.

Did you see LeBron James' mother go off during a recent Cavs playoff game against the Celtics? She was almost on the court and in the mix of the players, yelling about a hard foul against her son. That's the way to be a good role model.

LeBron had to yell at his mom to "sit down and be quiet." His language wasn't as nice as that. Usually it's the parents who have to do the disciplining in a family.

In youth sports, when parents want to win more than the kids - there's a problem. It's just as much of a problem in pro sports if athletes' parents, or any fans for that matter, cannot control themselves.

Passion can be good, but it's still a game.

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