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Today’s #MediaMonday comes with a congratulations to the profilee – Tishin Donkersley, editor of Green Living AZ Magazine, who is celebrating the one year anniversary of the fab mag today!
To help fete this great accomplishment, let’s learn a little more about Tishin – in her own words below – plus a bonus video. Enjoy and let’s all hear it for the magazine on today, its birthday.
Tishin: What do you want to tell the blogosphere about yourself today?
Are you kidding me, this job is awesome! As editor-in-chief, I have come to know and be in company with some of the most knowledgeable and game-changing people in sustainability within Arizona and around the country. More importantly, I’ve developed new and meaningful friendships along the way.
Admittedly, my path to an editor wasn’t the straightest. I graduated ASU with a business and psychology degree then completed my graduate work in clinical and sport psychology at Argosy University. I was a college professor and was the sport psychologist for the college – yes I can fix your golf game. Simultaneously, I was feeding my writing habit and sharpening my craft by freelancing for contemporary and professional magazines and online resources. A few of those years, I was an editor for a noted women’s online media site. While this was fine, I wanted more, and to do something with more impact – enters Green Living, a start up publication.
When I interviewed for the job in April 2010 with publisher John Stacy, he asked me about my vision for the magazine. I said that I wanted the finished product to be unique, contemporary, applicable, authentic, and connect with people in different parts of their lives. When he gave me the green light, he told me we launched in September, “You have four months, go!” WHAT! It was madness. The flurry of putting together a writing team, interns, layout, market strategies, focus groups, editorial calendar, media, public relations, social media and, and, and – it was nuts. When we rolled out the first issue I felt like I gave birth, but the team did it. One year later, I am excited to share September 2011 issue with the community.  
People often ask me, “So are you super green?” Being green is nothing new for me – growing up, our house was the only one on the block to have solar panels, my mom always cooked with fresh herbs and vegetables, we owned many stray pets, my parents educated me about environmental stresses, and serving the community was a family norm. To answer the question, I explain that I do what I can within my limits and set goals to bring more environmentally friendly concepts into my life. Would I like to do more, sure, I’d love to have solar on my house, a thriving garden in my backyard and an electric car. I try to communicate to others to start with what you can do, whether that be recycling or saving energy, then take on additional concepts that will ultimately make an impact. My goal as editor-in-chief is to provide as many opportunities for people to make that impact.
What else about me? I grew up in north Mesa, went to Xavier College Prep and you read that I went to ASU. By the way, I’m a diehard ASU fan, and that is good because I work with a bunch of Wildcats, and trash talking is a priority during certain points of the year. I love laughing, meeting new people and linking people together. I love to laugh, joke around, eat good food and co-create. I love my team at Green Living and my job rocks! I love my husband, two children and three Labrador retrievers with all that I am.
Mantra: I believe that you can control your attitude and attitude determines outcomes. If you ever need a pick me up, I’m your gal, I’ll set ya right – tweet me, text me, call me, Facebook me, whatever – I’m a shrink with a pen.
To those who do know me, thank you for all of your support. To those who don’t – please reach out.
And, if you haven’t clicked on her video in any of the links above – click here now!

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at Sep 12, 2011

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