Instagram Finds Emily

instagramThis weekend, I saw the movie A Simple Favor with Blake Lively, Anna Kendrick and Henry Golding. One of our blog posts from this past May discussed Blake’s sudden #Insta Game-Changer in line with this movie, when she unfollowed every one of her followers except a few accounts under the name Emily Nelson.
This past month, the movie’s marketing team created a social game called #FindEmily. Instagram users were given clues from the cast and other Instagram favorite celebrities that lead them through multiple accounts in search of Emily and in search of a random account that entered successful Emily finders into a drawing for a free trip to New York Fashion Week.
Instead of simply posting multiple advertisements to Instagram promoting the movie, the marketing team generated a way for Instagram users to actually become a part of the movie production. If consumers feel important, there is an increased chance they will invest.
The movie made more than $16 million over its debut weekend and only cost $20 million in production, so I think this strategy was an overall success.
Now, I know where Emily is, but do you?

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at Sep 18, 2018

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