How to Wow Your Audience with LinkedIn Video

The past couple weeks I have been sharing tips and tricks from the sessions I attended during the virtual Chandler Chamber Marketing Summit.

This week, I am sharing information from the “How to Wow Your Audience with LinkedIn Video and Live Streaming” session I attended led by Keith Woods of KB Woods.

LinkedIn launched LinkedIn Live as a new feature to the platform in 2019. The goal for the feature is to allow users and organizations to have real-time interactions with not only their audience but also with their employees.

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Live videos get, on average, 7x more reactions and 24x more comments than native video produced by the same broadcasters. If you are anything like me, then you are probably wondering “why have I never seen the option on my LinkedIn or client’s LinkedIn to utilize this feature?” LinkedIn requires you first to submit an application that must be approved before you can get started.

With virtual content exploding this past year, Keith provided some tips on how to get started on LinkedIn Live:

  • Showcase innovation
    • What’s new with your organization or what can we expect from you in the future?
  • Promote an event
    • Do you have an upcoming award ceremony or fundraiser? Utilize LinkedIn Live to inform and get your audience excited about the upcoming event.
  • Celebrate an occasion
    • Did your client or organization reach a new milestone? Be sure to hop on LinkedIn live to celebrate with your colleagues near and far.
  • Attract employees
    • If you are looking for new talent, LinkedIn Live can be a great way to share what is that you do on the daily or hold a Q/A for potential candidates
  • Interview a guest
    • If you have an upcoming event, it might be a great idea to interview the keynote speak or leader of the organization to share more about what attendees can expect.
  • Demonstrate your expertise
    • A quick live stream can allow your audience and potentially new follower see you in action.

LinkedIn Live also allows you to stream directly into public or private LinkedIn event. It is also important to remember some rules of etiquette when going live, including:

  • Don’t go live more than once a day
  • Be sure to utilize your live feature within the first 60 days of gaining access
  • Do not use pre-recorded content
  • Avoid streams longer than 10 minutes
  • Do not try to over sell or use too much promotional content
  • Avoid large sponsorship logos

At HMA, we would also emphasize the importance of making sure you are prepared with the proper background and content that you will be sharing, to stay consistent and authentic to your organization’s messaging and to also be sure to engage with the audience.

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at May 6, 2021

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