How to Use Twitter’s Trending Topics for Your Twitter Strategy

When it comes to creating social media content, many of us create content weeks or even months in advance. This allows for time to create graphics, well-crafted posts and also gain approvals.

When it comes to Twitter, we all know that it is a platform full of constant, global conversations with a new viral video or meme pretty much every day. While we may plan content ahead of time, it is still important to monitor and utilize trending topics (where appropriate) to join the bigger conversations.

Twitter provided a few tips for when you are using trending topics.

  • Be authentic
    • Before jumping the gun and tweeting something out because it is trending, spend some time getting familiar with the weekly recurring hashtags and analyze if they work with your audience. This will give you the opportunity to create tweets and advance and still take advantage of the opportunity to be join in on trending topics.
  • Anticipate trending topics
    • Remember to take a look at your calendar. Is #NationalCookieDay coming up or are the basketball playoffs tonight (#GoSuns)? If so, you can bet that it’ll be trending! Looking ahead and anticipating what will have people talking will give you time to prepare tweets.
  • Do your homework
    • Before seeing a trending topic and just running with it, be sure to click on the topic and scroll through the tweets. What you may think the topic is about could be a part of an entirely different conversation.
  • Wait for the right fit
    • Trending topics are constantly changing. If the current topics don’t fit your brand, let them pass and wait for the next batch that might fit your brand and audience better. We can see many social media blunders from Juneteenth of brands joining into conversations that don’t fit their brand.
  • Balance timely with timeless
    • Remember that your audience and followers follow you because they are interested in your brand. Use trending topics to spice up your Twitter strategy, but don’t overdo it by trying to comment on every current or pop culture event.


Photo by Joshua Hoehne on Unsplash

Written by
at Jun 22, 2021

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