How to Use Pinterest for Public Relations

For many of us, Pinterest serves as a place to find new recipes, home decor ideas, DIY or even your next nail color, but Pinterest should also have a place in your PR plan.

With Pinterest being a visual discovery search engine for finding billions of “pins” or ideas, it is a great place to be for businesses and clients with a visual aspect. According to Sprout Social, Pinterest users are three times more likely to click over to brand’s website on Pinterest than any other social media platform to learn more about a product or service.

So, what kind of content will perform well on Pinterest?

1. Product Pins

If you are a retailer or online store, then you should re-purpose hi-res product shots by turning them into pins. Eye-catching photos will catch the attention of many users that browse the platform to find new products and are often inspired to shop even when they weren’t looking to buy.

2. Blog Post Graphics

If you have a blog on your website, Pinterest can be a great place to promote the blogs that you publish on your website. You can use Canva to design a vertical graphic that will stand out on users’ feed. Graphics to promote your blog should be well designed with bold text that is easy for someone to read when scrolling.

3. Infographics

Since infographics are typically designed to be vertical with easy to read information, they are perfect to showcase your data on Pinterest. Infographics can be used to promote your business or client by sharing valuable data and content.

Be sure to also use relevant keywords when creating the title and description for your pin. This will ensure that your pins are showing up in the appropriate search results.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

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at Jul 9, 2021

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